Diverse Work Styles for Everyday Life: “YOUR WORK GOOD” with Aya Omoto (Laere)

WORK MILL offers inspiration to create your “WORK GOOD,” your own unique style of work. We carried out a survey with people who have been featured in past issues of the WORK MILL web magazine to find out what “WORK GOOD” means to each of them.

  • What does “WORK GOOD” mean to you?
  • What do you keep in mind every day to realize your “WORK GOOD”?
  • What do you feel your purpose is in work?

Through these three questions, we will learn more about “WORK GOOD” .

Cherishing Values, Beliefs, and Passion to Pursue the Path I Believe in

What does “WORK GOOD” mean to you?

My own unique style of work is to pursue the path that I believe in. There may be times when I fail or feel lost, but when I look back on the path I have pursued, cherishing my own values, beliefs, and passion, there I find a Work Good that is mine and no one else’s.

What do you keep in mind everyday to realize your “WORK GOOD”?

Journaling, continuing to challenge myself, and valuing the time I spend talking with those around me. Journaling lets me look back on the events of the day and put my state of mind into words, which helps me to consider what “feeling good” means to me. Setting new challenges for myself allows me to keep updating my skills and knowledge. Finally, I also work hard to make sure that I have sufficient time to talk with family and friends, colleagues and work contacts so that we can take care of each other.

What do you feel your purpose is in work?

My purpose in work is to realize the future I want to create.

―Aya Omoto
co-representative and creative process designer of Laere, Inc. In high school and university, she spent two years as a foreign exchange student in Canada and the United States. After graduating from university, she was involved in brand strategy and communication development for major consumer goods manufacturers at Grey Global Group. She then enrolled in the Danish business design school KAOSPILOT as their first Japanese exchange student and graduated in June 2015. Her studies abroad focused on entrepreneurship and creative leadership, and she was involved in social and organizational development projects in Denmark, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Japan. She is the author of a series of articles on Diamond Online titled “Design Thinking from the Happy Country of Denmark.” She designs and implements creative human resource development and organizational development programs for various organizations including businesses and educational institutions.

*Profile at the time of the interview in the following article (Japanese).

Article Title: “Creativity is for Everyone”: The Potential and Organizational Changes Brought About by Creative Leadership

 Updated: April 15, 2022

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