Why Fusion of Business and Design is Paramount

For society, this sort of connectivity between ideas and the environment is important. We must link business and design.

The original article “Fusion of Business and Design” is a part of the WORK MILL with Forbes JAPAN Issue 2 -The Danish way ©WORK MILL

KADK (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts), the largest and oldest design school in Denmark, is located in a corner of a residential area facing a canal in the east of central Copenhagen. “Since its founding in 1754, KADK has graduated architects and designers who help sustain our society,” says the principal, Lene Dammand Lund. From streetscapes to traffic signs, everything in this country is so beautifully designed. The reason is because the values of the welfare state dwell in the artificial products created by designers, she explains. “For society, this sort of connectivity between ideas and the environment is important. Without it, we would probably lose our sense of belonging.” KADK plans to add tech subjects as required classes in its curriculum. Naturally, as society becomes more complex, the fusion of business and design also becomes increasingly important. However, KADK admits that there is a gap forming between rapidly evolving technologies and people’s sensibilities. To link business and design, KADK is offering a master’s program from summer 2018 in conjunction with the Copenhagen Business School that covers both fields. “Still, it’s also important not to knock down old traditions. We must not prioritize economic rationality and functionality over everything,” Lund says. “While we consider new technologies and businesses, we must not forget beauty. In other words, balance is important.”